LSL Class 1-10-12 The Parasite, Pain Body, and Ego (Fear-based Self)

This is the Journal entry for today for the Living a Sacred Life Class.

The pain body, parasite and ego (the fear-based part of the ego), is part of what is created in the life form (body) in the material world. It is an identity and a powerful energy that is created and reinforced by the others in your world who are also living from the fear-based perspective. When you believe that the world is dangerous, you will be afraid. And this fear creates an energy body within you that is powerful.

Fear is the true culprit and it is moving beyond fear that is needed to heal this fear-based being. This is the first step in awakening and stepping into soul consciousness. We all feel the pull of the pain body. It is the sense of fear that has no story, until you give it one. You believe that there must be a story and then you begin to look at all the problems and things that aren’t going how you want them, and justify this feeling, this existence.

The learning now is to know that you can choose. It is to know that there is another perspective and another aspect of consciousness that you can step into and heal the pain body. This is not obliterating the ego – the part of you that is needed to operate on earth. But it is taking control from the ego and giving it to the soul.
This process begins when you are so tired of being in pain that you will do anything, including die to be free. But what you need to die to is the past. You need to die to the fear and beliefs that support the fear.

So, it is a two part healing. One part is to release the energy of the pain body by truly facing it – without any stories until you realize that is it not the truth. The next part is to face every belief you have that is negative, fearful, and painful then re-frame and transmute them into the truth of love and possibility.

This is the process of awakening. This is what is needed to move to the next level. This work is done within meditation and intentional connection with Me. And it is miraculous.
Trust this.
Love, God.

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