Where is Your Focus: Inside or Outside?

Where is Your Focus:  Inside or Outside?
By Diane Dandeneau
December 11, 2011

I find it interesting that I am seeing similar patterns in the people I am currently associating with in my work and life.  Most of the people I am close to are working with or have some sense of spirituality in their life.  Many people are aware of the Law of Attraction and the benefit of meditation.  Many people understand the mind/body/spirit connection.  But what I am seeing is continuing patterns of using spirituality as the means to get what is wanted on the physical plain – thus using the inside to keep the focus on the outside.

I can see the cycles in my life being mirrored in others.  As things in my life would not be going so well, I would go within, connect to source, find the clarity, power and vision, then focus on the outer physical world and create great things.  I would be happy and feel good.  I would then get too busy to continue to connect, so over time, the visions get stale and things stop working so well.  Each time I would do this, the pain and disillusionment of the fall would be greater and the external conditions would get worse.  My faith in spirituality would dim as I felt it had failed me.

But, the disillusionment is the gift of awakening, and the continued focus on the external being the barometer for my happiness was the failure.  There was a time that I finally got the fact that the internal connection and my relationship with the divine was the point of everything.  And once this was the focus, the external became a reflection of that.  Even when things did not appear to me to be going well, I knew that I had to trust and focus on my part in everything.  I am now able to stay in a place of peace with what is, as I listen and do what I am called to do.  And ultimately, the divine unfolding of what is for the greatest good is revealed.

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