There Are No Secrets

There Are No Secrets
By Diane Dandeneau, December 15, 2011

God does not keep secrets.  People do.

I find myself taken aback when I hear people use the term “secret” to describe their teaching or gift.  It seems to prey on the fears that there must be something that I want, that I need to know, that is being kept from me.  Wanting what I don’t have, leads to me wanting what you have.

I see this used to sell books, workshops, and movies.  Many of the marketing gurus are teaching that using this compelling idea is the way to “sell” expert or spiritual programs.

But, there are no secrets.  There are only distortions.  And this is the opportunity for people to step into their own truth to discern what is authentic and true.

I have been lured into wanting to learn what the “secret” is.  But what I find over and over again is that it is something I already know or maybe a new way of seeing something.  Sometimes the teachings are powerful and inspiring, and other times they are hollow and sensationalized and are just used to sell their product or service.  But mostly, I feel conned and disappointed that the author – teacher – producer felt compelled to use the ploy that they know some secret that they are letting me in on.

I am inviting those who want to live a conscious life, to step into their integrity and say it like it is.  We aren’t sharing any secrets.  You may be sharing your learning, perspective, new understanding, or message.  But, please stop playing the same unconscious game that is being played in the insane world.  They are better at it anyway (check out any car commercial).  The truth is, secrets can be fun for humans to play with, but God does not keep secrets.

What I am offering in my work are the gifts I have been given as I remember who I am and who we are.   On the deepest level, you know it all.  I am just helping you to remember.


Diane Dandeneau

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