Levels of Consciousness

Levels of Consciousness
Journals with God, 12/9/2011 by Diane Dandeneau

You all have many levels of consciousness, and your awareness of them continues to grow and evolve.  The first part of this teaching provides the knowledge that these levels exist.  When you are born, you are connected to your soul level of consciousness, but you are not able to integrate it into your mind, since that part of you is just beginning to form.  As you become more immersed into earth consciousness, you are taught not to remember and integrate your soul wisdom; so it fades.

This has been normal and part of the complete plan of evolution on the planet.  Some children, who are starting to remember, are leaders in the next phase of evolution.  Currently, it is people who are feeling the pain of disconnection and don’t know what it is who are awakening to the desire to connect and live from the soul level. As you first remember that there are levels, you begin to recognize them.

The lowest levels are 100% earth-based physical awareness.  A person on this level lives as the victim of circumstances with the predominant energies being fear-based.  Emotions and a sense of well-being are completely conditional on external forces, where the individual holds very little personal power.  This is a very common place for most of society, and the education system teaches people how to function in this level.

The next level is the dominator/judge level.  This is the place where awareness of personal power is attained.  The person has a desire to move out of the victim level and moves into being the dominator and judge, where there is the added energy of resistance and anger.  The underlying motivation is still fear.  Mastery on the earth plane may be achieved by some, which reduces the pain as external comforts and goals are attained.

A truly peaceful state is not possible, however, since it still is a disconnected state of being.  These lower levels are also where religions fill the false role of providing spiritual fulfillment.  There is a feeling that the person is doing what is right, but it is still an external pursuit.  It is about moral structure instead of true spiritual experience.

The next level is disillusionment.  It is the place of knowing that the first and second levels don’t provide true happiness, fulfillment and peace, but you aren’t yet consciously connected to your soul.  This is the place for facing all the stories, beliefs, and structures of society built on level one and two and the place of final realization that there is another choice.  In fact, this is the place where you become aware that you can’t go back.  This is the first awakening.

At this point, you step into the level of seeker/finder.  You begin to experience your body’s energy in a different way.  You are starting to disengage mentally from the dramas of your life and are becoming more aware of what is true for you.  You begin to feel an inner peace without any external reference.  You are now connecting to your soul consciousness on deeper levels.  You can see the different levels of consciousness and can choose where you want to be.  You more easily connect to Source through your soul and are now beginning to create at this level.

The final level is that of the soul-realized being. When you reach this point, you live here all the time.  True mastery at this level is rare, but when you hold the intent to live here with complete compassion for yourself, the beauty expressed in your life is divine.  It is here where complete surrender to Source and soul is lived every day and where all the attitudes of the victim, dominator and judge are transmuted to love, joy and peace.  Compassion is a way of being, and everyone in this place of consciousness is a healer.

Each of these levels has many facets of “work” to forgive, release and accept.  The final phase requires dying to your old self in order to re-emerge as your new self.  This step is taken at the appropriate time and requires an external shift in this process.  Then it will be up to you to bring your new world back to the old world in order to transform the old world.  This is how it is done.  This is how heaven is brought to earth.

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