Being in Peace

I woke up this morning feeling some fear and concern and knew that I was not in a good place.  My mind went to what I needed to do to fix the problems that were causing me the concern, but I also knew that I needed to start my day with my daily practice of meditation, writing and exercise.  Today my prayers were about “what should I do” to take care of the issues at hand, and the answer I got was again clear and concise even though the answer was not about the “what” that I was looking for to begin with.  The message that came from God was again… the reminder to “Come to peace.  Come to Me.”  The only thing I have to do is to focus on doing what ever it takes for me to feel at peace and to be in the energy of love.  This is where all the problems are solved and all the concerns are met with clear solutions. It is from this place that peace and love are brought to the world.  In this sacred place of meditation and writing, I could feel the love of the Divine and felt myself moving into peace and a deep joy.  So now I am beginning my day doing what needs to be done – from a place of peace and love.  And guess what, things really are working out just fine.

This is a lot of what the focus of my work is with my clients.  It is about helping people find their way to living in peace and love so they can be in the world from this place.  I know I am given opportunities to remind myself of what I need to teach and am grateful for it.  If you are trying to solve some problems in your life, I invite you to something new. Consider an introductory session with me and experience this peace.  Please feel free to contact me Here.



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