Goldie Flies!

Today was the day! She has been sitting in her roost on the cliff across from the nest after her first fledgling flight on Saturday. Today, I showed up at Meadow Park around noon, when I saw the parents fly overhead. One of them actually landed in the nest and started eating. Goldie was squawking and climbing around the rocks. The parents then flew off and landed on the ridge across the valley as Goldie was squawking away. The camera was running, and this is what happened:

Goldie Sitting, by Dan Baldwin

She then flew at least 5 more times. Dan Baldwin was there with his camera and wanted to share these photos:

Goldie Launching by Dan Baldwin

Goldie Landing by Dan Baldwin

Goldie Flying by Dan Baldwin

Goldie in Flight by Dan Baldwin

Please pass this along!  Blessings, Diane

One Response to “Goldie Flies!”

  1. Bobbi Says:

    And she flies! Great story and great photos. What a wonderful treat that you were a witness to her courage.